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Still hunting? Or pass the time...

So it seems stores are finally starting to get small batches of cases. Regardless the fact still remains. People dont wanna spend time hunting. The same few will continue, but most of us are beginning to feel discouraged. Not sure about you guys but with COVID still on the rise and being stuck at home, I like to look at and enjoy my own personal collection. It may not lift your spirits but it may be a small way to pass the time. I will be taking photos so that you can enjoy as well. Most of the items are for sale and hopefully you see the craftsmanship thats put into each and every model. I always found it intresting to learn the backstories of some of these models. I admire the designers who are passionate about this stuff. Every line, edge and detail is thought out. As a collector of 20+ years, little things like this will keep me into this hobby for the rest of my life.

I'm no expert at photography but follow tinycargarage and get lost in "auto art".

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