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Collecting today in Vancouver Canada.

It’s been dry everywhere for all local collectors. Due to the increase in popularity within the diecast community (especially with JDM models), its been harder to find stuff. You hit your local grocery or toy store and see this…

I believe the virus and rumors of the Malaysia factory shut down have played a huge role in this. At my local stores I’ve met more “new collectors” than ever in my years of collecting. Rumors of inside employees and “back-dooring” show the lengths people will go to have these 1-2$ pieces of metal. Never in my years of collecting have I even thought such things were possible. People clean shelves as soon as they’re stocked.

I know it feels discouraging. Don’t give up! At least I won’t. My love for cars will be forever. I’m here to help those who have no time to hunt and waste time/gas. Most of all stay safe!

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